Rezound! Donor Circle


Rezound! Handbell Ensemble is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that relies on the generosity of patrons like you to make possible quality concerts and educational events as we promote the beautiful and exciting art of English handbell ringing. Rezound! members and their director are all volunteers who join the ensemble to experience a high-quality and challenging outlet of musical expression. In addition, Rezound! provides educational experiences for the public throughout the metropolitan Kansas City area.


Your tax-deductible gift will help support the operations of Rezound!, including the purchase of equipment and music, so that Rezound! can continue to bring the joy of handbell ringing to our audiences and provide more educational opportunities to the community.


The Rezound! Donor Circle consists of the following giving levels:


               Friend  $25-49

                   Donor  $50-99

                           Patron  $100-499

                                Benefactor  $500-999

                                      Director's Circle  $1,000+


Unless instructed otherwise, the names of contributors will be listed as part of our Donor Circle in future concert programs and on the Donor Circle page of our website.


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We gratefully acknowledge the following individuals/companies for their generous donations: 

Director’s Circle ($1,000 or more)

Cathleen A. Brenner, Ralph & Patricia Latshaw, Anonymous

Benefactor ($500 – 999)

Charles L. & Kathryn J. Ford, Anonymous

Patron ($100-499)

Julia Berch Hamilton, Romaine Diamond, David L. & Lula Hanson, Alice Kennedy, Ted M. & Virginia McVay, Maggy Miller, Dennis & Nancy Mulford, Curtis & Jeanne Musgrave, Alex & Charlton Pendry, David W. & Kara L. Raetzel, Ted & Barbara Rutten, Stanley & Vivian Sasser, Linn Schmidt, Barbara J. Smedley, Ken & Karen Waterland

Donor ($50-99)

Genevieve A. Drinane & Jennifer Gessley, Beth Ann & John Edwards, Janelle Flory Schrock, Gary D. & Robyn K. Hamilton, Carolyn Major, Evan & Martha Scheier, Ralph V. & Barbara S. Trites, Janet Sue Ward, Sara Washington, Anonymous

Friend ($25-49)

Jeanette J. & James W. Andrews, Jacob E. & Bonnie J. Beachey, Charles & Susan Bibbs, Margo Cabillonar, William H. & Ida M. Clayton, Thomas P. & Melinda L. Cook, Clyde R. & Peggy J. Coriell, Christine E. Cristiano, Steven B. & Melissa D. Hicklin, Richard & Judy Holtam, Randy & Julie Jay, Michell & Roseann Penner Kaufman, Barbara A. & Kimberly D. Kramer, Garth & Cheri Leigh, Mary Lingo, Harvey E. & Carolyn B. Matheny, Linda May, Dorothy C. McDonald, Barbara Mendelsohn, Theodore J. & Cathy J. Mitchell, John & Margot Mundy (in honor of Amy Watson & family), Allen L. & Chris L. Noland, Carol O’Dell, Charlotte Amber Scott, Georgia A. & James M. Smith, Gary W. & Gail L. Snyder, Rowland P. Vernon, Jr. MD & Nancy W. Vernon, Christie J. & Gerald D. White, Anonymous 



Special thanks to Lutheran High School of Kansas City for generously providing our rehearsal space.


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